Communication between families and educators is the key to our success for the academic and social growth of each child.

Please contact us with any concerns or information about your child.

The Administration

Margaret Knowlton 

Ms. Angela Holt
Head of School

Mr. Robert Fricklas, PhD
Director of Pupil Services

Ms. Giselle Pellerano-Monserratt
Operations Manager

Mr. Tom Conlon
Business Manager

Ms. Deborah Malachowski
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Susan Vander Does
Curriculum Director

The Teachers


Ms. Kristin Johnston

Ms. Susan DiPalma
Teacher Assistant

Ms. Danielle Fonseca

Mr. Henry Christenson
Teacher Assistant

Grade 1

Ms. Nicole Mitchell

Ms. Cassidy Nimblett

Grade 2

Ms. Katy Butterfield

Ms. Allison Lopes

Grade 3

Ms. Brandy Desrochers

Ms. Sharon Mcguire

Grade 4

Ms. Jessica Adorno

Ms. Marikate McConnell

The District Teachers

Ms. Jenny Baldwin
Special Education

Ms. Stephanie Marchetti
Special Education

Ms. Danielle Granata
Special Education

Ms. Abbey Kaknes
Reading Specialist

Ms. Linda Filameno
ELL Teacher

Ms. Kristi Lombardo
School Adjustment Counselor

Ms. De-Anne Machado
Interventation Teacher

Ms. Stephanie Wohlrab

School Nurse
Ms. Ashley Narducci

Music Teacher
Ms. Leanna O’Brien

Physical Education
Mr. Christian Morel

Ms. Jennifer Lowrey

Occupational Therapy Services
Ms. Marina Paiva