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    Head of School’s Monthly Update


    Hello Everyone,

    It is February, and the year is flying by!! This month, we are working hard on focusing on kindness and compassion. Our school-wide read aloud this month is titled, “Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler” by Margery Cuyler. This book emphasizes the importance of being kind in school, at home, and in our community. So don’t be surprised if your kiddos come home looking for some random acts of kindness to do for everyone.

    Along the same lines, we have been working with students with conflict issues to resolve them by working together and having important conversations. This is part of Restorative Justice, and what we will work on to hold everyone accountable for their actions and help resolve issues.

    We will be starting our Rockin’ RICAS after school program on Monday, February 24th for grades 3-5. I am hoping that everyone is taking advantage of this opportunity to help our students prepare for our state assessment. It will run for 6 weeks only on Mondays, from February 24- Monday March 30th. We may do one extra session for grade 5 only on April 6th specifically for Science, I will send more information on that when it becomes available.

    Congratulations to our girls and boys basketball teams for a fun and energetic season!! Their season ends on Friday, February 14th. They have been working hard, and enjoying their time on the team!

    Ms. Becky

    Important Dates to Remember:

    Saturday, February 8th- Frosty Fun Breakfast 8:30-10:00 Grades K-3
    Wednesday, February 12th- HAPA Meeting 8:15 am in the Cafeteria
    Monday February 17-February 21st- Winter Break- NO SCHOOL
    Monday February 24th- March 30th- Rockin’ RICAS on Mondays only


    February Lunch Menu

    Lunch February 2020

    Little More on Lunch

    We have started a new process, which I am sure your kids have talked to you about for our lunches. We were having issues with the last lunch not having choices that the other lunches had. Now, in the morning, we have been having the kids order with their teachers, receive a bracelet which the color matches their order, and they have been getting the lunch they order. This has helped the last lunch tremendously, and the kids have been really great about the change!

    Proposed Waste/Transfer Station

    You may have heard about a very large (over 150 trucks per day) proposed waste (construction debris and materials) transfer station proposed for Allens Avenue that is under consideration by the City of Providence and the State of Rhode Island (DEM). The proposed station would be located at the end of Thurbers Avenue near the Amazing Video. It is very close to our location. Several groups have organized in opposition to this proposal and Meeting Street has also submitted a letter in opposition, which is attached. Our letter was read into the record at Tuesday, January 21st City Plan Commission meeting in Providence where the project was presented. Please feel free to contact your city counselor in support of this opposition, if you do indeed, feel the same way.

    The letter Meeting Street submitted in opposition.


    Jionni Kindergarten – Ms. Iiams

    Layla Grade 1 – Ms. Nichole

    Alyssa Kindergarten – Ms. Riley     

    Zayden Grade 1 – Ms. Nimblett


    Jaelyana Grade 2 – Ms. Lopes


    Ellen Grade 2 – Ms. Katy


    Martin Grade 3 – Ms. Desrochers


    Amaya Grade 3 – Ms. Maguire


    Jayden Grade 4 – Ms. McConnell

    Mason Grade 4 – Ms. Adorno & Music


    Marie Grade 5 – Ms. Burdick


    Joselyn Kindergarten – Music


    Gladysson Grade 1 – Music


    Sophia Grade 2 – Music


    Angelina Grade 3 – Music


    Samuel Grade 5 – Music


    Herman Kindergarten – Art


    Jayleanny Grade 1 – Art


    Aiden Grade 2 – Art


    Zariah Grade 3 – Art


    Wesley Grade 4 – Art


    Erick Kindergarten – Health/PE


    Victoria Grade 1 – Health/PE


    Jessie Grade 2 – Health/PE


    Kahri Grade 3 – Health/PE


    Wilmer Grade 4 – Health/PE


    Audrey Grade 5 – Health/PE